Maintenance For Fiiling Machine


Maintenance For Fiiling Machine

1. When checking the oil level in non-rotating transmission components, be careful of splashing oil and inaccurate oil level readings.

2. Prior to draining lubricating oil, start the roller and heat up the oil to facilitate the rapid flow of hot oil  and to make it easier for impurities and dirt in the box to mix with the oil.

3. When changing the oil in the roller, turn off the engine and use plugs to block the front and rear wheels while working underneath the vehicle.

4. When checking the oil level and changing the oil, ensure that the rollers are placed horizontally.

5. Before removing the oil plug from the drum filling machine, wipe away any dirt on the outer surface and surrounding areas. Clean the oil plug thoroughly before reinstalling it to prevent lubricating oil contamination.

When adding anti-scaling agents through reverse osmosis, the following precautions should be taken:

1. During cleaning, clean the dosing tank first, close the bottom drain valve of the dosing tank, rinse with water and open the drain valve to drain the water. After cleaning twice, start adding the agent.

2. Adjust the dosing pump stroke by turning the stroke adjustment knob counterclockwise to the corresponding scale.

3. When adding the agent, check and close the bottom drain valve of the dosing tank, add the reagent through the dosing tank inlet based on the effective volume of the dosing tank and the actual output of the dosing pump, open the inlet valve to dilute it to a higher liquid level, and close the water inlet valve.

4. Turn on the dosing tank stirring motor to mix the reagent evenly, then stop the motor.

5. Open the inlet and outlet valves of the dosing pump, turn on the dosing pump switch of the filling machine, add the reagent before the security filter after RO stops, and close the dosing pump.

6. Regularly inspect the dosing system for leaks and promptly resolve any issues.

7. Record and check the total water flow and dosage match each month.

8. When adding water to the dosing tank, be careful not to exceed the high liquid level.