Job Title: Argon Arc Welder
Recruiting Numbers: 2 Person

Job requirements:

1. Male, aged 20-50.

2. Proficient in the use of welding tools.

3. Skilled in argon arc welding of stainless steel products.

4. Hardworking and experienced in argon arc welding for at least 2 years, able to follow instructions.

5. Proficient in reading drawings and able to work independently.

6. Complete other work and tasks assigned by superiors in a timely manner.

7. Master the technology of single-sided welding and double-sided forming.

8. Candidates who are willing to travel for business, according to the company's arrangements, will be given priority consideration.

Job Title:Mechanical Engineer

Recruiting Numbers: 1 Person
Job requirements:

1. Male, aged 20-45, in good physical health.

2. Familiar with mechanical principles, materials, manufacturing processes, and proficient in using CAD or SolidWorks software for drawing and commonly used office software, etc.

Job TitleElectrician
Recruiting Numbers: 2 Person
Job requirements:
Must have an electrician certificate, be under 50 years old, be hardworking, down-to-earth, and willing to follow instructions.